Tea and Toast at Ten

Welcome to Tea and Toast at 10!

On the first Sunday of each month you are invited to come and join us for Tea and Toast from 10:00am. It's nothing elaborate or fancy - just a chance to come and meet with others over a cup of tea (or coffee!) and a slice or two of toast.

Whether you are attending worship at Zoar or another church - or even if you do not attend church at all - you would be welcome to come and join with us. We would love to meet you! You are welcome to come as an individual - a couple or a family - we don't mind. All are welcome.

The service starts at 10.45am when the whole church family come together for worship. Like in the 'Come As You Are' service, this service is 'cafe style' around small tables in the church community centre. The children can sit on bean bags, and there is normally an activity table available too. Again, parents - we don't mind the children wandering - the church is for everyone!











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